Peace Coming & Peace Going

I never got the notion that people who are dying or about to die, have a calmness and peace to them. Quite frankly, the word 'death' gives the average person intense anxiety. However, working in my career field, I have found that many of my patients are very much at peace with the outcome of... Continue Reading →

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The “Ex” That Keeps Coming Back…

Have you ever been happy in a relationship, completely over your past. Completely over the jack-ass who you gave your entire life too, and stomped on it like you were a cockroach in Brooklyn? Have you ever seen a Brooklyn cockroach?! Their so big that you have to kill it, take a break, and kill... Continue Reading →

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The Reality of My Anxiety

There are many blog post, articles, forums; web pages and more on individuals who battle anxiety, how to cure anxiety, how to keep anxiety in check, or advice on how to see anxiety in a different light. All of ideas or suggestions in which are necessary, however, I want to share the reality of not only... Continue Reading →

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