Peace Coming & Peace Going

I never got the notion that people who are dying or about to die, have a calmness and peace to them. Quite frankly, the word ‘death’ gives the average person intense anxiety. However, working in my career field, I have found that many of my patients are very much at peace with the outcome of their illness. I am always curious of how the mind works, considering it is the most powerful muscle in one’s body-I am the one who loves to converse with people and figure out why they think what they think and how they feel given the circumstances that they are up against.

Most recently, I visited a patient who planned on taking a medication to end their lives. These type of visits are always emotional, not necessarily for the patient, but mostly for the family. In speaking to the family members prior to my arrival, I could tell that this would be a roller-coaster for all those who were involved. Upon arrival, the patient sit in her chair, comfortably, with her favorite tiny dog in her lap. I always ask my patients how their doing or how their feeling at the moment that I walk-in, understanding that these could be their last moments on earth. She told me that she was “well” and that she was “ready to get this show on the road,” referring to the medication.

One would think that when their looking death in the face, the word “well” would not be the first word that comes to mind. I would think, “scared shitless,” “horrified!” But then, I thought, there is a type of peace that comes over the human mind, the human body at the end of our lives. Granted, those of whom have not faced a dramatic death would agree.

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.” -Facts

Life is a journey, we come into this world as innocent and full of peace and swift through the trials, tribulations, good days, bad days, and all the in-between to come to this final day- a day that everything we did in life either matters or it doesn’t. We realize that death is imminent and there is a peace to knowing that everything we have went through good or bad is near a close.

I have realized that the only thing that we as humans fear, is fear itself. As I continue on my anxiety journey, the more I work with these extraordinary patients; I am learning to embrace every facet of life as it is. I am learning that we are meant to be at peace. I am learning that we are strong coming into this world and we are strong leaving this world- now the only thing left to conquer is to be strong “living, existing, being” in this world.

#beyourpeace #liveinpeace #lifeisaboutpeace #workyourassoffforit #embraceit

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