I Left To Find Peace

I often wonder is true peace possible. The world is full of a sack of shit, throwing us curve balls, tomatoes, booing at our efforts to improve, and laughing at our failures. True peace? True peace is calm minds, the quieting of the subconscious, the ability to sit in your own reality without fear of the unknown.

I always pray for peace. Peace of mind, peace of the billionaire pie, piece of soul, body, and spirit- but the distractions of life never allow it. The feral cats making babies, living on a main street, multiple conversations in the grocery store, coffee machines loud as hell at Starbucks- theres always something that fails to create a true sense of fucking peace.

I left my space and I traveled to find peace. The anxiety of leaving my job behind and relying on people to take care of my patients forced me to just “let go” and self-reflect. Peace wasn’t around in my space that I created in my home, so making the decision to take a break from it all and go find it; hard but worth it.

I landed in the Caribbean with the world of my shoulders. I had not been on vacation in a year, a FUCKING YEAR? Do you know what happens in 365 days? A shit load of adulting. I must admit, I did not jump off the plane ready to let my life run free. I was jumpy, I was full of anxieties, I was full of questions- about what? I do not know. It took me an entire two days to adjust. Adjust to the beauty that surrounded me. The people, oh the people, the people of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands are so pure. Kind and beautifully spirited to a fault.

Once I felt that pure energy, I had no choice but to divulge in it. I had no choice but to leave my worries and the devil in the backseat. Day two, nothing was going to take my vibes. If I smoked marijauna, I would have rolled me a fat one and stared at the sky for hours. However, my wine was there to take the edge off. I stayed in my zone- in my own happiness. Why did it take me to go to a different place to find peace?

What I left with was the ability to inherit peace within myself. This, is taking me practice. However, peace is not the world that surrounds us- peace is within all of us if we take the proper measures to secure it. Sometimes taking yourself out of your comfort zone to find your peace is just the leverage you need to remain PEACEFUL.

Thank you, St. Thomas for your incredible energy and most importantly, your true peace.

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  1. I love that you learned that peace is an internal state. I agree. Vacations give us a lovely, temporary sense of peace. But to be able to feel peace every day – that’s just wonderful.

    P.S. wow, St Thomas is beautiful!

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