Oh, Is that You Pinot?

Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Happy Wine Wednesday!!

As you all know, Pinot Noir is my favorite! And I finally bit the bullet and spent more than $20 bucks on it. I am a cheap wine connoisseur. Don’t judge me.

Pinot Noir by Janes Vineyard was lovely. It was bold, it was extravagant in taste, well rounded, and BODIED! On the pallet, it was dark cherries, spice, applewood, and slightly acidic. Before indulging, I gave this beauty a strong inhale and it sent me on a wave. The aromatic notes are overwhelming to say the least- in a good way.

This wine has to be paired with a filet mignon, baby carrots, and a garlic mash. It can also be paired with a desert- a raspberry sorbet or creme brûlée.



Wine Wednesday of the Week: Pinot Noir by James Bynum.

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