Campo Di Mezzo Sangiovese

This wine Wednesday is a tongue twister! I stumbled upon this wine at my neighborhood Restaurant and I will say that I am not fully impressed given the provocative name it holds.

This wine is very subtle in aroma, its dark ruby color presents it as a mysterious wine. On the pallet, It was dark cherry notes, clove and blackberry notes, spice notes, with a hint of a dark chocolate. This wine does not linger on the pallet and it also doesn’t have a expected aftertaste. Low in acidity, this wine has a smooth consistency.

This wine is definitely not paired good alone. One will get the full experience with a stuffed chicken, mushroom pasta, and a side ceaser salad.

This is a wine that you either love or hate, no in-between!



Wine Wednesday of the Week: 2015 Campo Di Mezzo Sangiovese by Tre Monti

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