The Reality of My Anxiety

There are many blog post, articles, forums; web pages and more on individuals who battle anxiety, how to cure anxiety, how to keep anxiety in check, or advice on how to see anxiety in a different light. All of ideas or suggestions in which are necessary, however, I want to share the reality of not only my battle with anxiety, but the realities of LIFE as I see it.

Everyday I wake up, it is a blessing from God. Nonetheless, everyday I walk through life, I have to be prepared for the trials and tribulations of what the day holds for me. This can go two ways, either I am going to have a great day full of laughter, sane colleagues, on-time public transportation, no anxiety symptoms; great communication with my spouse, no misses of dog poo on the poo pad, and a healthy green lunch or, I am going to wake-up full of anxiety symptoms and fear, placing my energy into petty arguments, untimely public transportation, full-schedule with no time for lunch, and patients who want to vent and blame my organization for things we cannot control. Regardless of which way my day goes, I have to understand that everything that happens in my day-to-day is preparing me for something bigger than me. Though, I am irritable, scared, hungry, tired, and full of “wtf’s” and “why me’s,” I understand that everyday will not be white picket fences and fresh squeezed lemonade.

“The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered, there is an opportunity for growth.” -Life

The reality of my anxiety is that it is not always going to be easy to breath slow, recite hymns, or follow inspirational advice. The reality of my anxiety, many times, is to fight through it. The reality of my anxiety is to force myself to understand that this is not the way my life will be for the rest of my days, force myself to ignore the physical symptoms with a deep knowledge that this is how my anxiety wants to act today.

Anxiety is a part of my journey through life and with it; the valuable lessons that I learn along the way is going to be a part of my story. Anxiety sucks, anxiety is scary, anxiety is a complete bitch with no motive. Nevertheless, anxiety is happening and sometimes, as I continue to fight the good fight, I just have to be okay with letting that shit happen. No regrets, no questions, but just allowing my body and my mind to go through the changes it has to in order to align with growth. Sometimes, there is nothing that you can do, say, or read that Is going to make your journey any easier today.

One thing that I do know is true, is that every challenge rather big or small, long or short, it is assembling you to become something greater than what is on the surface of you. It is necessary to assist you in elevating to a higher purpose in this life. Sometimes, you have to see things for what it is and let the shit come as it may.

#realshit #lifeisreal #anxietyisreal #bothwillhelpyoubecomebiggerthanyourimagination

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  1. Hello,

    I feel like I could have written this myself. I’m 33 I have generalized anxiety disorder (and depression but it’s been in remission for 4 years because of therapy and amazing support) The anxiety that what I wrestle each day. I’ve started blogging my journey and I live just like you I had a rough up bringing battles many things but my biggest fight is with anxiety. I tell people it’s like being in prison in your mind because one thought can lead to a box of one million reasons why you don’t even need to leave the house. Anxiety can be so debilitating and make you feel alone but I’m glad I found your blog to follow. I just became comfortable admitting I have anxiety publicly so blogs like yours help people like me soooo much thank you for sharing this! Thank you.

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    1. Thank you for reading. I am grateful that you found my blog helpful and writing has been my biggest therapy. We have to be comfortable with being transparent. Allowing our thoughts to be expressed is a huge leap towards mental freedom. Keeping being amazing!🌸

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