Happy Wine Wednesday! Boy, oh boy has it been a crazy week already and Monday was a damn holiday! Over the weekend, I was able to have a fantastic vacation with my four sisters for our 1st annual sisters trip. One of our activities, of course, was a winery down in southern california. It housed many french wines and Chianti was one that I had never tried before.

Now, as you should know by this point, red wine is my best friend. She is fierce no matter how aged she is (yes! my wine has a gender) and this one is another to add to my pallet-collection.

Chianti is a light wine. Its very thin in consistency, and has a very dull smell. The aroma though well-rounded, is also very light. Its raspberry in color and shares a woody, spice, cranberry note. The aftertaste is again light, and it does not linger on the pallet. This wine is recommended with a barbecued dish, I think thats a bit heavy for this wine. I would pair it with a light fish, scalloped potatoes, and a cauliflower or broccoli vegetable. Also, it can be sipped by itself.

This may be the only red wine that I would not pair with chocolate as the chocolate will over-power the taste of the wine.

Uncork an hour prior to enjoying for optimal taste. I broke the rule and enjoyed it within 45-minutes as I am impatient and indulged it just the same.


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Wine Wednesday of The Week: Chianti Riserva by Gaetano D’Aquino

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  1. I started drinking wine earlier in the year because I got sick of beer. I then had gone gluten-free so most beer is out of the question, so i went back to wine. It didn’t take me long, merely a week to recall why I stopped drinking wine and went back to beer. I am seriously an idiot and will drink bottles of wine myself. Terrible, but I can’t help it lol Granted it’s cheap wine that I drink so I require more than a little generic bottle, but still…I’m ridiculous. I guess I will just stick to my rum and cokes when I go out to eat….

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    1. I completely understand what your saying. Wine has so many complexities that it is hard to determine what is good, what is cheap, etc. I had to stop drinking hard liquor because I was simply drinking it by the way it made me feel versus how it REALLY taste, which was nasty. Wine has allowed me an experience when I drink and as I am learning more about it, it is quite intriguing. Cheers to my wine, cheers to your rum & coke! 🌸

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