Sweet Riesling

What a beautiful time to be a wine lover! In honor of the up and coming Memorial Day holiday, I thought I’d share my rare moment of the sweet wine that I love to sip. Sweet Riesling is a desert wine and its crisp taste is perfect for cakes and pies.

This particular brand is my favorite brand for white wines. I have mentioned Chateau Ste. Michelle in a previous ‘Wine Wednesday’ post and it is typically great at producing Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs, so this selection quality is no different.

Sweet Riesling has vanilla, caramel, cognac, and extremely light spice notes. As any desert wine, it has a very fine and smooth finish. It almost taste like a purified honey on the pallet. Although this is a desert wine, it is no stranger to a high alcohol content- so drink responsibly. Ha! No seriously, indulge in like two bottles and take an uber! Its that good!

I like to pair this wine with a dark chocolate candy with a caramel or raspberry filling. Also, a white-chocolate cheesecake with a strip of strawberry swivel will have your taste buds running wild! Cheers!

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Wine Wednesday Of The Week: Harvest Select Sweet Resiling by Chateau Ste. Michelle

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  1. I am going to give it a try this weekend! It’ll be a busy one but it’ll be fun. I love desert wines, I’ve fallen in love with Bramble Berry for years and a Roscoto that I’d fight over. Hah wait, that sounds bad.

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