Do It! Say Yes!

If you have been keeping up with my post, you may have caught a previous blog about how I have been a “Yes Woman” most of my life. Being a “Yes Woman” has put pressure on me to always be in the know. It placed me in a position to place other peoples wants, feelings, and desires before my own.

So, when the title of this post states to “say yes!” It is not the “yes woman, YES” I mean. Currently, I am reading a booked called “Year of Yes,” by Shonda Rhimes. Now, if you beauts do not know about Shonda Rhimes, Ill need you to stop reading this post ASAP and google her! She is the BOSS of fiction. I feel like she can pull a made-up story out of her left ass cheek and it will be a nominated-hit show, completely brilliant with her imagination.

Wait, are you back from googling? Great. So, briefly, she speaks about how her work consumed her and she never wanted to be in the lime-light, she wanted to make hit-shows, drink her red wine, and live a life behind the scenes without all the pressures of stardom. Simple right?

“Say YES to all play and no work.” -Shonda

However, what was missing in her life was the enjoyment of well…life. The enjoyment of engaging with other powerful women and men that came before her and that are still kicking ass alongside her. She was missing the adventures of being adventurous! All in all, she made a promise to herself, her sister, and her publicist to say “YES” for one year. YES to stepping outside of her box, yes to events, YES to engaging, YES to being phenomenal outside of the paper in which her pen laid; YES to fun, YES to getting in shape, YES to laughing, YES to not giving a hell about the opinions of others.

Dear Self…

There is a difference between being a yes woman and saying YES to changing the course of your life for the better. Saying YES to being fearless, saying YES to spreading your wings and doing shit that you would not normally do. Saying YES to opening your eyes to once- in-a-lifetime adventure. Even if it is for one week, one month, or hell, one day… SAY YES!

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