I am excited to be introducing this ruby-beauty into the rotation as it was mentioned by a fellow blogger @bingingonabudget and let me say, lush approved!

The dark mysterious color screams a true red-succulent wine. The notes are spice, raspberry, slightly woody and slightly acidic with a smooth finish once it leaves the pallet. What I noticed instantly about the wine is the way it smelled, yum! The notes resonated so loud through this wine. The aroma was almost calming. Damn, right! This wine was a instant relaxer.

“A good man can make you feel sexy, strong and able to take on the world! Oh sorry, thats wine… wine does that.” -Lush

This wine should be fully decanted, aired for at least an hour and a half. Once it has breathed, the notes will strengthen like no other. Although it is lovely by itself, a great pairing would be with a rib-eye or NY steak, garlicy mash potatoes, and a cauliflower veg.

I paired it with aged salami, prosciutto, flat crackers, and a brie cheese! Cheers!

#lushapproved #winewednesdays

Wine Wednesday of The Week: 2015 Malbec by Andean Moon

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