Petite Sirah

Now heres a wine that you do not see in the rotation too often. I describe this wine as a cross between Merlot (dry, light in consistency) and Pinot Noir (fruity aftertaste) I have not had the pleasure of indulging in Sirah in many years, but my spouse bought this selection and I figured I had to give it a try. At first taste, it’s light and dry with blueberries slightly on the pallet and contains much acidity- has a woody, earthy taste. Be aware, I did not decant it nor did I let it get any air-I crocked this sucker open and went ape shit. I wonder if the notes would be less acidic, more fruity and flavorful once decanted? I urge you to try.

I honestly do not like this wine by itself, only because it is one of the less exciting experiences I’ve had, some may call it flat; No personality alone. I paired this with hummus for a snack, then lemon pepper chicken and a potato dish. I would have rather had it with lightly marinated skirt steak, salad, or a pork belly dish.

All in all, it was average in taste. I am open to trying another brand and having a go at it. Have any Sirah recommendations?


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Wine Wednesday Of The Week: 2015 Petite Sirah by Bogle




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