Gossip Girl: Psychologically Draining

Everyone knows that a conversation that begins with, “girlllll, let me tell you! or “get this shit, bro!” is going to produce some neck snapping, eye-bulging, jaw-wide open entertainment. I will be the first to admit, a phone call about some good celebrity gossip, or the happenings of the world through drama has given me life on a few occasions. I mean, who doesn’t want to hear a good rumor about something or someone that has nothing to do with the food on our tables, the bills we pay, or our advancement in life? Guilty as charged! I love to chat with girlfriends over wine, or overhear men chat about whatever men gossip about. However, as I transition into a journey of not-giving-a-rats-ass about the downfall, drama, or imperfections of other peoples life, I start to feel drained when I read or hear gossip.

So listen, I am human and by nature, us humans need a adrenaline rush from time to time, but when we are engulfed in a world that relays on the hottest drama or latest bad news, it becomes bearing on a person mental health. Thus, it is no surprise that the act of gossiping diminishes our ability to mind our own business, use effective communication, and focus on the most, intriguing moments of life. We no longer use “gossip” as a way of networking, but due to our (and I say our, because I am responsible for the role I play) addiction to social media and living vicariously through another person; we gossip because we are either lacking stability in our own lives or we have another side to our psyche that feeds off of the mischievous deeds of others.

I read an article on Psychology Today and in short, it mentions that we have moved away from a reputable source of information such as the world news, and now regard celebrity gossip as a source of information. Now, I have no idea of how we see celebrity gossip as comparable or informative of our own lives, but I understand the millennial effect that it portrays. Frankly, rather we involve ourselves in gossip or read it, it still proves our eagerness to suck all the negativity out of this form of propaganda and inject it into ourselves, leaving us lifeless.


Sure, the reality television shows are my form of entertainment, my form of letting loose. I find commenting on every action that produces stupidity and zone into every crevice of drama without asking myself why this is so fascinating. When the reality of it is that is not fascinating at all, its draining. It takes my energy and mental capacity and leaves me exhausted. It leaves me feeling like there is a void that has to be filled. Do you ever know more about strangers life than your own priorities or character flaws? Do you ever ask yourself, what the fuck do I care?

So, that is where I’m at in this part of Lalas journey. I am at the level of, if the conversation is not adding positivity in my life, I must excuse myself. If the reality show is not producing self-care tips, lifestyle inclination, or I don’t know…educational workshops on how to mind my own damn business, I must press the “off button.”

#off #goodbyedrama #hellopositivevibesonly #seeyoulatergossip

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