Pinot Grigio

At first glance, I did not think this was a Pinot Grigio by Charles Shaw (also known as two-buck-chuck). I went into my neighborhood TJ’s for my usual wine shopping as their prices are better than beverages and more. I walk in and see this tall sleek bottle, with cute green letters in all-caps, what a lady’s greatest advertisement; so I grabbed it!

I am a devout red wine lover, but as the sun is starting to come out more and the weather is becoming warm, I was eager for a cold glass of white. Pinot Grigio is similar in taste to a Chardonnay but slightly sweeter and crisp. You can expect fresh green grapes appeal, with a short-lived aftertaste. The green grape notes come through strong in this selection as you can almost taste the authenticity of the wine being developed. It’s not rich in taste, but very fruity. Unlike Chardonnay, this wine is at its best chilled, but it still taste fantastic room temp.

I was quite surprised at the quality in taste for such an inexpensive selection. While white wines seems to be heighten with sulfates and therefore can result in a slight headache as a result, this Pinot left me feeling relaxed. I had a glass, or two… okay fine four glasses but whatever! I paired it with teriyaki salmon, white rice, and veggies.

Oh, and guess what?! It is ORGANIC! Bingo!

#lushapproved #winewednesday

Wine Wednesday of the Week: Pinot Grigio by Charles Shaw

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  1. I love reading wine reviews! This seems like a good bottle to try, I also am transitioning to more white wines as the weather gets warmer. I’m typically a red fan, it just pairs so well with binging Netflix.

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