LavCham: Life’s Remedy

Day in and day out, I have multiple stressers that absorb my energy and leave me flimsy at the end of the day. I strongly live by loving what you do so much that it doesnt feel like work, but my reality is that it is work and it drains me.

Nothing brings me more joy than being a support source for my dying and ailing patients; it soothes me to know that I am their outlet and what I say matters to them. It soothes me to know that no matter how many doubts I have, they remind me that I am in fact doing the right thing career wise and that one day, I will look back and not have any regrets of what my profession consist of. Maybe when I look back, I will be on a private island, getting fed grabs and tequila shots and that may make whatever regrets I had suddenly disappear.

Any who, that is another post for another day. I try to make it a point to calm myself at random points throughout the day and the weekend, and although my wine is a the top of my list; I am responsible (sometimes). I swear by lavender and chamomile EVERYTHING! Who would have ever thought something so natural can be as close to orgasmic as a full-bodied Pinot noir wine with an alcohol level of 15-percent?!

Sure, there are many remedies that are calmers and distressers but nothing is more instant and gratifying than Lavcham. Individually, they release happy toxins that travel directly to your serotonin and put you in a happy, clam state and together; they both make you feel like you can walk in a lions den, sit in the Indian-style, and transition in down-ward dog without fearing a thing (I am being dramatic, don’t try this at your local zoo). I am no holistic blogger, but I want to share with you how much lavcham has helped me simply refrain from a series of  “shits” and “wtf’s.”

My Three LavChams

Lavender Spray: I take this spray everywhere I go. I keep a bottle in my work bag or my purse and spray it directly in my face three times and breath in and out whilst doing so. This spray leaves your pores feeling clean, and aligns your body and mind. I instantly feel that my body relax and I am able to refocus. This can be purchased at a whole foods store.


Lavender and Chamomile Tea: And…the academy award goes to this shit! AMAZING. Please, when picking a brand of lavcham tea, look no further than this one.  This brand of lavcham is not only tasty, but it puts your mind and body at peace and gives you a full nights rest of your LIFE, snoring like a hog and all. This can be purchased at your local grocery store.


Lavender and Chamomile Candle: Lavcham candles are beautiful, and tranquil. The fumes from it surrounding your home are sweet and serene. The smell will have everyone who comes over in a LEGIT trance! Lavender candles by themselves can be a bit overbearing, so purchase the one with lavender and chamomile to off-set one another. I love the wood wicker candles the most for a long lasting effect. This can be purchased at any Walmart, Target, or neighborhood retail shop.


The End.

#livelifewithlavcham #refrainfromtheshitsandwtfs

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