Mental Health Is Not A Side Item

As often as I have been to the doctors office for various symptoms of my anxiety, one factor that I notice is that some (not all) physicians treat my mental health like the side item, the mistress, the side piece, or a non active ingrediant. My concerns are treated as if my mental health is not a contributor to my struggle and my growth. Today, I went to the doctor for a routine check-up and to discuss my concerns of the month. It is common that one who struggles with Anxiety and other mental health issues-have daily, weekly, and/or monthly concerns.

I work with many doctors and I know that some physicians will go above and beyond and others are so burnt out that they do not exceed the expectations of their patients- regardless if it is life or death. I hear testimonials of my patients who received the short end of the stick, went in for concerns, received a dry-ass speech, and came out on the other side of Cancer.

My physician in particular just doesn’t take me seriously. She views anxiety as holding as much weight as the endorser allows it to, and while this is true to some extent; she shows it and it’s belittling. Walking in 15-minutes late, she smiles. She smiles to me like “I know nothing is wrong with you, it’s all in your head but I will give you the benefit of the doubt.” She asks me about what my concerns are and I tell her. She gives me the same dry-ass speech, “you being a 31-year old healthy female does not place you in the category of certain conditions that cause for concern.” She then rushes to a meeting, to see another patient, or attempts to deflect my reasoning and I see this way to often in the healthcare field. More supply, than demand.


In short, Fuck that. I demand blood test, I demand EKG’s, I demand you take the the time and examine me, I demand you sit here and listen to every single one of my concerns and give me detailed and valuable feedback. Yes, I am healthy. Yes, I do struggle with the fear of having insane diseases and illnesses. However, if I do not demand these things, I will not get them. I am viewed as a young woman with no signs of impending health, but does that give doctors the right to judge a book by its cover?

“Never assume you understand. Ask questions.”

No one understands my body as well as I do. I have always lived by the motto that it is most ignorant to not ask questions, than to be in fear that the question being asked is stupid. I do have my moments of doubt and insecurity within the realm of my mental health, but the reality of life is; we have to demand respect and answers for ourselves, our body, and our minds.

Ask ALL the questions you see fit. This is YOUR LIFE. YOUR HEALTH. DEMAND THAT SHIT.

#bethebestyou #demandit #askquestions





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