90-Seconds Later

It has been a hellava (not a word) week. It has been one of those weeks where I have not even taken my own advice- breath, protect your energy, life is too short- screw that. I am having one of those, “I-dare-you-to-say-something-to-me–so-I-can-tell-you-about-yourself weeks.” (sorry man in the store that I did not even know!)

Nonetheless, today is FRIDAY and I made it. WE made it! I am always grateful to be able to make it through a week of back-to-back challenges. I even managed to make it through the week without having multiple glasses of wine (go ME!), because life definitely threw me grapes! I began this week with the mind-set that it was going to be tough-tough patients, tough cases; anxiety and panic driven and guess what, the earth heard my thoughts and made it happen! That is that “what goes out, comes back-around” retrograde type of thing that happens to the best of us when we start thinking negatively.

My therapist, bless her heart, would listen to me ramble on and on about my fears, and how difficult it was for me to stop thinking about a symptom that would arise within my anxiety-stricken body. I would explain to her that I try my best to talk myself out of the fear and convince myself that everything was fine, I was healthy, that I was just imaging these horrifying feelings and they weren’t real. However, as I was talking myself out of it, it became more terrifying. Life is a bitch, isn’t that crazy how that works? The more we tell ourselves what it is isn’t, the more real it feels.

Any who, my therapist told me that I should try the 90-second trick.  She explained to me that if I could just distract myself for 90-seconds, distract myself from my frustration, pain, sorrow, or whatever negative feeling that I was exposed to for 90-seconds, that the feeling would pass. She went on to say that our minds only hold on to harsh feelings for 90-seconds before our hearts align with our minds. I read an interesting article about the mind and the heart aligning, and in general it stated that “the mind is always good for strategy, but it will always leave you questioning everything if your heart isn’t aligned.”

In saying that, I will give you an example of how easily it is to distract ourselves from shit that isn’t important. Bare with me, this will be short, and I have a point. One day, or maybe it was one night? I forgot. Anyways, I was sitting on the sofa and I was so afraid of having a panic attack because I just had one the day before, that I was sitting and waiting, and being scared. I was drinking piping hot tea and I was so focused on being scared that I jumped up with the tea filled to the top of the cup without realizing it; I spilled the hot tea on my thigh.

OMG! THAT SHIT HURT SO BAD!!! I screamed, jumped up and down, and I even tried to bend forward so that I could kiss my thigh to sooth the pain because it was burning like a hooker in the streets! Geesh!

I hobbled up, went to the restroom, and placed a cold towel on my thigh and started laughing. Hysterically. I laughed because I wasn’t thinking about what I was afraid of anymore. I was completely focused on my burning thigh, and not on having a panic attack. It went to show how quickly my mind went from being in debilitating fear, to laughing about how silly I was looking kissing my thigh. Get it? We worry about shit that either isn’t actively happening, isn’t real, or we have no control over and it only takes 90-seconds to distract us. My heart and my mind became quickly aligned when my skin was burning off (okay, dramatic) but you do get the point?!

Hopefully, we do not have to endure burns to distract us from the unimportant things happening in our brains. In retrospect, I did not know that I was doing the 90-second trick but I understood the concept. As I end this week, I began my day frustratated because of the residual annoyance of the last four days, but 90-seconds into writing this blog, I am calm, cool, collective and ready to live my BEST life on this amazing Friday.

Take 90-seconds and go live your BEST life too! (I know, I’m so corny. But seriously, GO!)


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