Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir, will always  be my “go-to.” So, I am dedicating this wine to my wine Wednesday of the week. Perhaps, it is because it remains consistent in its boldness and cherry flavors which allow the consumer to know what to expect. There are many brand selections to choose from, but this selection is by far the best this week. Red wines are typically paired best with steak; this particular pinot brand is universal in its flavor and can be eaten with a light fish, grilled chicken sautéed in a mushroom sauce, or a light vegetable medley just the same.

“Pinot speaks its own voice.  The nuances produced in pinot noir are most interesting to me because of how it feels on the palate. The subtleties in pinot are absolutely wonderful.” -Kevin Fertado

Many wine lovers prefer Cabernet over Pinot, but this brand and selection will always be in my top three favorite wines to drink. Pinot Noir is known to be a bit lighter than most reds, which works out great for a during the week, during or after dinner drink. #lushapproved #cheers!

Wine Wednesday of the Week: 2015 Pinot Noir by La Crema

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  1. I can only drink white semi-sweet moscato without having a hangover. I tried several wines and that is the only type that doesn’t leave me feeling like crap. I usually drink mixed drinks or Mike’s Hard Lemonade, but sort of got sick of it so turned to wine. I need a better wine or a bigger bottle. 1 bottle isn’t enough for me lol sounds bad, but it isn’t. The bottle goes too fast.

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    1. Lol! Yes, usually wines with a high sulphate will leave you with a hangover. Because red wines tend to age as soon as you open the bottle… I stay away from “blended” wine (wines that have three types of wines in one like cabernet, merlot, and pinot noir mixed and same for white wines). As I am getting older, I am unable to drink sweet or semi-sweet wine like moscato. I would suggest you try a Chateau Ste Michelle -Resiling- its a white wine, about 13 bucks, its smooth and crisp and its a good brand. One bottle shouldn’t leave with you with a hangover, no promises for two bottles though! Thank you for reading🌸

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