It is All About The Content

Within the many challenges I’ve faced in life, one thing that I have down packed is that I do not nor do I ever intend to compare myself to others. If I fail, I do not wish to be like another person who succeeded the first time. If I cry, I do not wish to be the happy that someone else is. If my journey takes me through the cracks, I do not wish to walk someone else’s journey which takes them through the sand.

We live in a age where living vicariously through another person has become the norm. We have became addicted to being someone else other than our best-fucking-selves. Why?  Well, because we have social media, reality shows, and a world filled with “fake” whom illustrate that we are less-than. WHY one person would want to be like another person, like an entire other human being is BEYOND me. However, I understand the urge to want to be another person whom you admire or what society believes you should admire.

There is a difference between wanting to be like someone else, and being a BETTER YOU. It is a difference between LEARNING  to be successful, or LEARNING to do your make-up, or hair, or a specific style and actually being a double-mint-twin. It is all about the content in which you attract people, which will determine the success you have in your life. It is all about the true authenticity of yourself that gets that promotion, makes that woman or man fall in love with you, it is about the content within your blog that makes people want to read it; it is not about how another person got to where they are in life, it is not about why one person has 1,000 followers on social media and you only have 50, and it CERTAINLY isn’t about why he or she chose her or him and not you.

I work in an organization with thousands of educated, beautiful, and talented people. I work in a department with a handful of amazing individuals who all bring something to the table that I do not. What I do know is that, I was picked for the position to change lives because I am confident in my content-anxiety filled, panic driven and all! I am confident within myself and my ability to make changes, and make shit happen; that is my content. I may not be the smartest, most beautiful, most talented person on earth to someone else, but my content is so damn dope, I am viewed as such.

“Do not compare yourself or timeline to someone else. A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms.”  -Content

The only balance that your content has to find is the balance between being humble and being cocky. It is okay to truly be so amazing and love yourself so much that you exude cockiness, and then once you spend that much deserved 90-seconds with admiring how astonishing you are is when you reel it back and walk back into reality with your head held high to the sky. There will always be someone who has more than me, but I also know is that there is enough of it to go around. Therefore, I own my content so much that I congratulate, admire, inspire, clap, and love those who are owning theirs.


#youaredope #yourareamazing #yourtheman #yourthewoman

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