Five Ways I Un-Prepare for Adulting Day

Mondays are always a “blues” type of day for me. It is very anxiety filled. For one, it’s Monday and that means it’s an adulting day and who the hell wants to be an adult, I mean really?

I have such a extensive workload and emotional job and the inability to work over the weekend means Monday bring anxious patients and a ton of follow-up. I would imagine, any adulting day that comes after have two days off is stressful for the average person who isn’t Oprah, Beyonce, or Bill gates.

The preparation for adulting day use to be very productive, and therefore stressful. Productive meaning I had to cram as much crap I could in one Sunday, so when adulting day came I was able to get all my adulting and non-adulting activities out of the way. I was able to wash clothes, cook, clean; have a cocktail, go spend an hour with friends, read a page of a book, take a shower, do my hair, lay my clothes out for the day, sit down 15-minutes and “relax,” and then get ready for bed by 10PM so that I could get my 8-hours worth of sleep. I am exhausted from writing all that, as I am sure you are too from reading it.

I would wake-up on adulting day restless, annoyed, and eager for the weekend again so I can attempt to do not be an adult. I did not enjoy my Sunday, and thus, my adulting day completely sucked. Adulting days came and went, and I was still tired, unrelaxed, and strained. My body began letting me know that it needed a break, and unfortunately those of us adults who cannot take a “break” on Yachts, Private Islands, or Jets (I am SO jealous if you are one those amazing human beings who can!)- we have to find other ways until our one-vacation-per-year allows us to do otherwise.

“Pretend it isn’t Monday.” -ME

My Five Ways

  1. I force myself to sleep-in. When I was younger, I could sleep in until it was time to go out partying the night of. A marching band could come into my room, and I would still be fast asleep. As age sneaks upon me without my consent, I am not longer able to sleep-in. So, to make a point to not rush out of bed to be productive-I lay in my bed with my eyes closed and slow breathe in-and-out until my body relaxes itself and falls asleep. It sounds very corny, but it is quite relaxing and it works.Woman Sleeping In Her Bed
  2. I go to Church an hour late. I know, some people may see this as disrespectful. You, my loves, have NOT been to a Baptist Church. Baptist churches will hold you captive. They will sing 100 songs, and preach for 40 days and still not get to the point of the sermon. I strategically go when the choir is done singing and the minister is near his point. I am a meat and potatoes type of woman, I like to hear the points and carry on my day.Southern-Baptist-Church
  3. I binge watch. My mind usually races a mile a minute that I start to watch a show and then I begin fiddling with other activities in my house. Which takes me into my very productive adulting chores. My mind still tries to trick me into adulting, but I stay put and I get lost in a show. At the moment, I am binge watching “Alias Grace.” If you are a Margaret Atwood fan, this show is GREAT and NUTTY at the same time. 0070126001457646317-1024x461
  4. I drink wine and water simultaneously. I mean, who wants to have a hang-over on a adulting day? Every glass of wine I drink, I drink a comparable glass of water. Double-wammy!U5dtzvy8TGXr8EDL3aYj7ow6WaRbxWB_1680x8400
  5. I zone out. I zone out in a positive way. I go out in my backyard at the end of my Sunday evening, with my wine and my water and I imagine. I imagine good things, funny things, and memorable things. I let the wind hit my face. I let the external noise be my music. I do not think about adulting day. I do not think about doing anything else but what I am currently doing. It gives a serene closing to my Sunday.



Do what makes you feel at peace, relaxed, happy, grateful, beautiful, confident, loved, adored, fulfilled on whatever day you pick. Life is going to keep going rather we are adulting at 100 miles per hour, or if we are doing things that make us feel AMAZING, so why not live graciously for that day? Why not live unapologetically for that Sunday or for whatever day you deem YOURS; the next adulting day will take care of itself.

#preparetolivelaughlove  #doyou #dontadult

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