Protecting Your Energy & The Art of NO.

I use to be a “YES Woman.” I felt like I had to say YES to every event I was invited to, YES to hanging around people who sucked, YES to men who were no good for me, YES to working overtime, YES to doing everything that at most times put my energy in jeopardy.

I would place other peoples opinion of me before my own, and felt “bad” if I let another person down. I would always have to be the life of the party, because of another persons insecurities and inability to “host.” I was exhausted, I was exhausted from being the backbone and the boat that brought the crowd to their destination. I felt like a camel or a horse; I was sick of people riding my back and always expecting me to “saddle” up again every time it fit their needs.

There was another part of me that felt like I would miss in action, I was always curious to know what people were thinking, talking about, or what negativity was out in the world (okay, okay! I was down right nosey!). However, being nosey would always end up in a burden. A burden of knowing “too much,” or having to keep up with the joneses; always having to stay in the “know.” Thus, it became bothersome, it become habitual to be around negative vibes, I mean that is the world we live in right? We live in a opinionated, gossipy, worried-about-everyone-business-but-our-own type of millennia.

“Certain people and their toxic energy can block you from expanding, elevating, and vibrating higher. Detach and protect your energy.” -A Likeminded Person

Once I started my career and began to take a walk toward overcoming my anxiety- I have come to  understanding the essence of living a simple, fulfilling, no-drama lifestyle that required me to sometimes push back, and say “NO.” I converse with my patients and I admire the tranquility and peace that they exude even in their last weeks or days of life. There was no time to talk about regrets. There was no time to worry about what other peoples opinion of the decision that they were making in the last moment of their life.

I do not always have to be in the “know.” I am not obligated to be worried about other peoples insecurities and their strive to place them on whomever is the most near. Fuck trying to place my energy on the backburner and satisfy the fire of things I cannot control. I want to go to sleep protecting my energy, I want to wake-up protecting my energy, and quite frankly; I want to not answer the phone sometimes to protect my energy, I want remove myself from toxic environments to protect my energy. And if I feel like my energy will be compromised, I am saying “NO.” What you give out, is what you will get back and once your energy is sincere and serene, the last person, place, or thing that you want to entertainment is a person with a nasty, stale, no-good-for-nothing type of energy.

Protect your shit. It is YOURS. It is all you have.

#positivity #tranquility #protectyourspace

4 thoughts on “Protecting Your Energy & The Art of NO.

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    1. It takes practice as does everything. I still have my moments of the guilt as well. But, the once you feel those moments of peace, its an amazing feeling. I am learning as I grow up.🌸 Thank you for reading!

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