One Lovely Blog Award!

Let me first say, I am overwhelmed with joy with the amount of support that I am getting on my blog. I started this journey blogging for myself, to challenge myself and to give myself a platform to be transparent. I am so thankful that people are actually reading it!

Thank you, thank you to Hot-Mess-Mama for nominating me for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award.’ I love your blog. your content, and how authentic you are in what you share to the public.

In true Lalas journey fashion, here are 7 things about myself:

1.  When my tummy hurts, I take children’s Tylenol liquid, ages 2-11 (Try it! The shit is magical).

2. I love tacos. I can LEGIT eat tacos everyday of my life.

3. I kiss my dog on the cheek and tell her that I love her every time I see her.

4. I love my dog more than I love my spouse.

5. I am a clean and neat freak. At times, after I have cleaned the entire house top to bottom and I am exhausted; I take off my seeing glasses when walking through my house to bare myself the anxiety of seeing dirt in a corner that I missed.

6. After a few glasses of wine, I love to sing late a night on the weekend in my room, even though I am a TERRIBLE singer.

7. I love crime TV, although it scares me.

Here are 7 bloggers that I would love to nominate, if you have been nominated before, then I just want to share with everyone how I enjoy reading your blog post!

  • hot-mess-mama



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