The Follow-Up: Is It Me or Technology?

As I read many blog post on the effects of social media and technology, I grew the desire to add my two cents on a major complication in my love life with technology. For example, I will admit, I am a HORRID person to talk to when someone has suffered a loss and I blame technology. I know what you are thinking, “Lala isn’t this a important part of your job?” Yes! Which is why, technology has screwed me! Honestly, if I never had to verbally speak to a human being again, I can totally survive. I would be living my BEST life just texting or IM’ing.

Apart of my job is to talk to people all day. I sit in on patient appointments, I am on the phone with patients, I am on the phone with doctors, point of attorneys, lion, and tigers, and bears. I spend 70% of my work-day, speaking to people! I am literally exhausted after every phone call. I hang up the phone and yell, FUCK very loud in my head. I do not yell because I am angry, I yell because I am forced to communicate verbally, over-the-phone when I absolutely hate it.

After the End-of-Life Option process is completed, I am completed- no more phone calls, no more appointments, no more fake smiling through the phone; I can breath easy until my next case comes through. Thus, one major issue that I have is following up with the families once the patient has passed and the gag is, it is a required part of my job. Seriously? As if I do not bare my soul on a platform and soak up every emotion known to man by even participating in such a program, you want me to call the deceased and say what? “I am sorry for your loss?”

This is why I blame technology, because it has faked us out. I absolutely hate when people tell me or someone else that they are sorry for the loss. Why are you sorry? “You did not kill them, my dear.” I understand, it is a act of endearment or it is? Is this what technology has forced us to say because we simply do not have anything else to say, that actually makes sense?

“Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.” -Aldous Huxley

It is difficult for me to muster up the right words to express my gratitude to these patients’ families because everything I say holds no weight to the situation. I prefer to write a letter, I write, this is what I do. I am able to come alive in a true and real way when I write things down. Technology, social media, allows us to sit behind a keyboard, tablet, or phone and write- but the moment I am coerced into speaking to a live individual about a dead situation (get it?) it puts me in a extremely uncomfortable, agonizing, dilemma.

It is me or technology?

#isityouortechnology #technologyhasdisabledus #maybeitsjustme #maybeitsjustyou


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