Let Me Just Say This…

I have never been a patient person. I find myself always anxious, or jumping at the next activity I can get my hands-on. In being an anxious person, I battle with being bitchy when people, things, or life events are not moving at the pace that I expect them to move.

I am impatient standing in the grocery line so I breath loud and obnoxious and go to the next available line with a more speedy cashier. I am impatient driving behind priuses, so I zoom up dramatically fast and cut in front of senior citizens. I am impatient when people do not make up their minds when ordering food at fast food joints, I mean… how hard can a burger and fries be to order? It isn’t quantum physics!

Meanwhile, I am blaming others for my lack of ability to just be “still.” I get upset with others because I ultimately, am trying to rush through life. Thus, I do not realize that my actions, my body language, my bitch way of the day affects those around me.

Months ago, I went to a patients home. He lay there, frail, actively dying, and hardly able to breath. Although, he was bed-ridden and lacked the ability to wipe himself, he had the strength and patience to stretch out his hand and take my hand into his. He told me, “no matter what you do in life, always be kind to people.” He died two days later.

“No matter what you do in life, always be kind to people.” -NJ

That stuck with me. Sure, my parents and my pastor at church would instill “love others as you would love yourself,” but it was so general, so “churchy” and I would take it as advice to not go out murdering people!

When this man told me to always be kind to people, no matter what decisions I would make in life- it meant that no matter how you feel, take others into account. The world does not revolve around me. Life does not revolve around my attitude. When you start being impatient, you stop honoring and appreciating life’s “still” moments.

I am working on my internal and external self. I am working on allowing life to be as it may. I am smiling instead of frowning while standing in the grocery line, I am laughing instead of cussing in my head when people cannot make up their damn minds. Even if I am not being cruel to people directly, my vibe has certainly given off that feeling.

Life is not to be rushed. Life, as clichè as it sounds, is most definitely short. Be kind. Be still. Be patient.

#itisassimpleasthat #imjustsaying #beamazingandbekind

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