A Shot of Purpose Chased with Happiness, Please.

Growing up, I dreamed of living at Disney Land with Cindy & Mickey, barbie being my best friend in real life, and falling in kid-love like Cory and Topanga. Then, I got thrown into being an adult and frankly, after much thought, I regret to say that I resign from being an adult- thank you for the opportunity! [clicks heels together]. Shit! I’m still 31-years-old. If it was only that easy!

Eventually, my dreams became more astronomical- typical doctor, lawyer, or astronaut dream. In my eyes, if you were on television, that meant success. If you were that profession that your parents drilled into your head before they sent you off to college, to me, that meant success.

My dreams never lasted longer than a month or two, literally. I would spend so much time and energy switching from what I thought success should be based upon that I spent less time actually understanding what the true meaning of success should be.

When I graduated undergrad at 22-years old, I traveled the world. I wanted to learn how other cultures lived, I wanted to learn other belief systems, and see various parts of the universe.

One quality that I quickly learned from traveling to different countries, a lot of them piss poor- was that these people did not associate glitz and glamour, scripted love, or living vicariously through other people with success or fictional dreams; these people were living for a PURPOSE.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with passion, some compassion, some human and some style.” -Maya Angelou

Thus, I learned that living with a purpose is not simply about being happy for the moment. Purpose is definitely the head bitch in charge; purpose is the liquor, the hard stuff. Purpose means being compassionate, being honorable, and living graciously- happiness is the chaser. Happiness is the juice that makes the burn go down smooth, happiness is what pairs good with purpose.

My patients often tell me how honored and happy they are that I am willing to participate in a program that aids people into dying. I mean, this is some tough shit! You gotta have some damn balls to walk in the valley of the shadow of death five days a week.

When people jokingly ask what type of drugs I take in order to be able to go to work everyday, I always laugh (hysterically) because boy am I on the best high of my life! My drug of choice is PURPOSE! Giving the dying a voice, being the last person someone speaks to before they cross over, giving out hugs to the weak and frail, and being PRESENT is the most powerful drug one can take.

Live your best fucking life with a PURPOSE. Point. Blank. Period. Bottoms up!

#unapologeticallylivewithapurpose #happinesscomeswithpurporse #successispurpose

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