Cheese & Cereal. Seriously?

American’s complain about everything so I’ve heard. Well, I can say this because I am an American and I complain about every damn thing. My biggest complaint is washing dishes when there is melted, now matted up cheese in them or cereal that has frosted flakes hard-core stuck to the edge. Dammit!! Again? I think to myself every-time.

Anxiety tricked me into thinking this was the end of the world. Swear! I throw the dishes to the side, wash the other dishes while cussing profusely to myself and leave them there for my husband to wash- I mean, he did it! Heres the thing, struggling with anxiety tarnishes your patience, it rips out your ability to make rationale decisions, and screws your positive thinking.

“When you complain, you make yourself a victim. Leave the situation, change the situation, or just accept it. All else is madness.” -Eckhard Tolle

Calming myself down, I lavender spray the hell out of my face. I began to work on my work case load. I received a call on my office mobile phone from one of my dear patients who had completed the end stages of life program and had the medications delivered to his home the day prior to our discussion. I asked him, as I do all my patients, how he was feeling that day. He told me that he planned to ingest the medication the next day, that he planned on dying the next day! He also told me that he was at peace, and he had no complaints as life had treated him well- he had 20+ beautiful years with his wife and now it was “time.”

Here I was, complaining about fucking cereal and cheese. I will say, I am still learning, and yes, I still want to complain. The difference now is that I think before I put that energy into the atmosphere. Who am I to complain? I am the one who has lived to see another dish with cereal and cheese.

#acceptthesituation #protectyourenergy

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