The Other Side of Life

Death. Okay, I had to start with that terrifying, ominous word to get it out there, on paper, so when it is said 1,000 more times throughout my blog-one doesn’t quiver with fear or just plain say “screw this” and x out of the site before understanding what I mean by the word “death.”

So, let me just get down to the nitty-gritty and raw details of my life 5 out of 7-days a week. I legally and professionally deliver death. Yup, you read that correctly folks, I DELIVER DEATH TO PEOPLES DOORS. I straight-up, knock on their doors, smile, and await the plethora of hugs that I am about to give out to these grieving, yet HAPPY people that have been waiting on my arrival for two to three weeks. Calling me, shit…harassing me to say the least, asking, “when are you coming?! Haven’t I done everything I was supposed to do?” Anyways, let me make myself MORE clear- what I do professionally is…in fact hella legal.

By hella, I mean, I reside in the beautiful, sunny state of California where “dying with dignity” is legal and we say “hella” when we want you to REALLY get what we are saying. I have been in this job position for about 8-months now and I absolutely love it. Please, it is not what you think, I am not a heartless individual enjoying the moments of another person’s pain. I simply, love helping people. I hella love people. I know what you are thinking readers, how on earth could you be helping people by delivering death to their doors? Like some Uber-eats-type-crap! I get it, I hella get it.


As I am sure you may have heard, or maybe not-because who watches the news as much as I don’t?! Everyone. A beautiful young angel, at 29-year old female who was diagnosed with Brain Cancer wanted to end her life with dignity. I am not technically saying that she committed suicide because in the eyes of the law, she did not. This young lady wanted to control how and when she died. What the hell are you talking about Lala? We aren’t magicians! I get it. I hella get it. It sounds…CRAZY.

So, let me ask you, the reader, a question and feel free to comment below. If you, readers, or even someone you know or knew where diagnosed with a terminal illness, unable to communicate due to a loss of cognitive ability, and most importantly, unable to wipe your own ass- would you enjoy living that type of life? I will give you my answer in a flash, “Yep! I want to live forever and I am totally cool with people wiping my ass.” Nonetheless, I can hella understand why other people would not. I mean, what kind of quality of life is that?!

“In the end, we only regret, the chances we didn’t take.” -A Mindful Person.

This young soul then decided to travel to another state where the end stages of life were legal dignity and well because, California wasn’t quite ready to allow people to just die every day with the states assistance. As a result, this young, beautiful soul made it her duty before she traveled 700 miles to advocate for the legalization of aid-in-dying. Why?! Well, because people should have the right to not live their quality of life with other people wiping their ass. Okay, it isn’t just that, but you get what I am saying, right? My grandmother who is 94-years young has been living on her own for the past 1,000 million years and then one day she loses her cognitive ability to do anything and a random family member or worst, stranger is wiping her poop? I am cool with that, she my loves, is NOT.

Any who, the beautiful lad conquered, she won, as of 2016, it is now legal to die with dignity in many states. So, that ladies and gentlemen, boys and gals… is how I started my journey to delivering death.

I do not think this is what my therapist meant, when she told to me to face fear head-on. Ha!




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